Share your referral links and get $50 coupon and 5% commission.

Mar 9, 2023

Congrats!  Now you are in our referal program!

Only thing you need to do is to create an acct on our site and get your unique referral link and promote it.

You will get a $50 coupon after the first person follows your link and make a purchase. And a 5% commission from all his orders.

Here's how to get started

The first step that you’ll take in earning referral rewards is of course to create an account, well just skip that part. Then copy the link that is unique to you.(Get the link) This is the link that you will share in emails or on social medias. When your friends click on the link, you are credited with the sale if they make a purchase. A cookie is placed on their computer and if they make a purchase within the next month, you’ll receive credit for the referral.

After the first purchase is made, you can contact our customer service to get the $50 coupon, and meanwhile, the 5% credit will be added to your account automatically. You can use the credit to purchase from us or just come to us to exchange it into cash.

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